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Phi Phi Island

sunny 36 °C

we are now on phi phi, caught the ferry over from Railay which was no probs (not like our usual experiences). we have been here 3nights already. There is alot of rebuilding going on still so alot of the beach front resorts still arent finished. we are staying in a cute little guest house about 100mt from the beach, the beach itself is not so nice, nothing like the postcards any way. the water is quite polluted from the boats and very warm. we been swimming in a pool overlooking the ocean which is much nicer and we have a nice view of the water aswell.
been doing lots of lazing around, played some pool at the local irish pub and daniel found 1000baht (about $40) which was pretty lucky.
going to do the usual sightseeing of phi phi leh while we are here and then off to phuket next for a few days.
sorry nothing exciting to tell, but there is lots of sunshine here which is great!

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34 °C

hi all,
well the rain finally cleared for our last few days in Ko Samui, so we made the most of it and went out the Angthong National Marine Park. went to a few nice islands and did some snorkelling, climbed to the top of one of the islands and there is a beautiful lake in the middle. went kayaking and swimming, was good fun.
met up with dewar (an old friend of shells) and had a beer and catch up. it rained so much that night that we could hardly get a taxi - no one was game enough to wreck their cars. thought we might have to spend the night with dewar!, but all went well and we made it back.
Travelling from samui to Railay was quite an adventure, what should have taken 5 1/2 hrs took us 12hours!! we were put on mini bus to bus to boat to bus to some dodgy road side eatery to another minibus that broke down on the highway in the middle of nowhere! needing to pee and not much water left was not a good combination. the radiator exploded, water was everywhere so there was me and daniel, 3 brits and 3 israelis sitting on the side of the road in the hot sun. luckily about an hour into it a little ice cream selling man rode past on his bike, hallelujah!!! we bought him out of icecream. then it rained, so all bags inside and us crammed like sardines in a moist can, yuk. eventually help came ( in a BMW ) fixed the hose and we were on our way, till it nearly overheated, so we stop AGAIN!
eventually made it to Krabi, put into another minivan, then the back of a ute, then onto a long tail boat to Railay, got here right on dark then it started pouring, again!!
we finally found a place to bunker down and get dry and have spent the last week or so just taking it easy. swimming, eating, drinking, did some rock climbing - this place is renowned for its good climbing. we did ok, did 4 climbs of about 15-25metres. nice view from the top. we did it with some aussies we met from melb, both doctors so we shared lots of funny hospital stories. we decided to hang around a bit longer than expected but its so nice here so why not.
off to phi phi next.

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Rain, rain go away!!


well as you can guess by the title, it hasnt stopped raining here on ko samui for the past week. yes thats right 7 days straight of rain and thunderstorms. we are getting cabin fever. on the first day of rain the morning was actually sunny so we rented a bike and visited the grandmother and grandfather rock formations. these rocks are on the edge of a beach and have an uncanny resemblance of male and female genitalia. hordes of thai toursits visit, laughing and pointing-very funny really. then the heavens opened up so we thought we better get back and it was an interesting ride as the road was slippery and daniel couldnt see as the rain was pelting in his eyes. thank god for 7-eleven, we hid in there till it was safe to go home. so we have left the spa resort place and all the starving people getting their colons cleansed are now staying at coral cove. this is such a nice beach and we are literally right on top of it, so we are eagerly awaiting a nice day when we can actually lay on the beach and get some sun, its been 4 nights here and still no sun.
apparently the rain has come from china, well we wish it would go back there!!
so no real news to speak of. we went into chaweng for dinner one night, its like a mini Patong. very seedy, daniel got to see the lady boy drag queens in all their glamour and i think it was all a bit much for him. he was not as impressed as i was - they were quite pretty!!
we were planning to go to the full moon party on kophagnan but couldnt find accomodation anywhere on that island, so thought it best to leave it than sleep on a beach and get robbed. over 10,000 people went (not surprising there was no rooms left) and i think it rained anyway!!
so thats all for now, the rain just stopped so we can make a run for our room!

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Ko Samui


well after a adventurous trip back from Koh Chang (got dropped off the bus in the middle of a 10lane highway crossing lanes of traffic) to the awaiting taxis who couldnt for the life of them work out how to take us to the hotel we wanted to go to. we had an early morning flight 6am and didnt want to be too far from the airport - so we just decided to go to the airport and change taxis and find someone who could write the address in Thai. finally found the place and settled in for the night. Up at 3am to get to the airport and luckily went to the right one, they have just opened a brand new airport theat is international and domestic and still use the old 2 airports just to confuse everyone. Ko Samui is not as hot as koh chang, still in the thirties but at least has a breeze so much more comfortable. We are staying in a health resort spa. its not very fancy but has lots of fasting programs and colonic irrigation - do it yourself in the bathroom kinda thing! very fancy but not for us!!
looks like lots of nice things to do here so will keep you posted and will try to attach a photo next time as these computers arent too bad. hope all is well at home xoxoxoo

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Last day on Koh Chang

sunny 34 °C

hi all,
well today is our last day on the island, we have had a lovely few relaxing days lying by the pool and the beach( someone has to do it!!) so today we thought we would be a bit adventurous and go snorkelling. went on a full day trip around a few islands and took dans new underwater camera for a test drive! it was so good, lovely clear pictures and lots of fish swimming everywhere. Coral was not so colourful but i think that may have to do with the hoards of boats that anchor there every day with hundreds of asian tourists ( they snorkel in a life jacket fully clothed) very amusing for us to watch, half of them cant swim properly and about 6 of them got pulled back to the boat by the guys working on the boat as there was a strong current and they nearly got swept out to sea!!!
so its been a long day in the sun and my bum is a little burnt from lying face down on the water, our snorkels were tops so glad we took our own. We are off to Koh Samui next so will keep you posted.

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